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Bone Lake Carpenters knows that people build new homes for many reasons, you are able to choose features/colors that a pre-existing home may not provide, you may want to design your home for certain physical needs or maybe you prefer to build/live in a specific location.Whatever the reason,  we will work with you on some basic guidelines you should consider before building:

  • Research the build site – the availability of electricity, water and other utility services. If purchasing new land consider potential difficulties the location might pose to construction crews. Be aware of any possible restrictions including zoning and covenant ordinances.
  • Consider your needs, desires, and budget. Once you identify your priorities, start reviewing some home designs - many customers browse magazines, visit model homes, go on home tours. Take time to review both your exterior and interior options and features.
  • Please feel free to ask Bone Lake Carpenters questions – for example, estimated time needed for construction, method of communication, who will the sub-contractors be.

If remodeling is what you have decided will work best for you, let Bone Lake Carpenters put our experience to work and give you a free cost estimate.

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